Creativity doesn’t have to be stressful or messy! Convenience is the best thing for busy moms who want to be the fun moms but just don’t have the time. That’s what the Cookie Boss Subscription Box is all about! Find out more about our affiliate program below so you can help spread the creativity.









I’ve made some big investments in my business this year and excited to get these boxes into so many families hands! I am beyond grateful to have you on my side to help me spread creativity and show people that cookie decorating and creativity doesn’t have to be stressful or messy, but is convenient and fun!

Some of the tag lines of my page are “Cookie decorating without the mess or the stress”, “Creativity doesn’t need to take time”, and “be the fun mom”. I want to bring families together and help them become their best selves through fostering creativity, which can be difficult with life and kids going on all the time!

As an affiliate you will earn 10% on each box sold through your links and codes, and when you make 7 sales in a month, you’ll get the next month’s box free!

Please read below so you know exactly what your responsibilities are, your compensation, and great talking points for your customers!

**You must be subscribed to our monthly box to be eligible for our affiliate program.**



Affiliate and Customer Details:

Information you need to know:

  • You will need to register for our affiliate program if you haven’t already.

  • In order to be an affiliate you MUST be subscribed to our monthly box. Each month that you hit 7 box sales you will get a $30 bonus to cover the cost of your next month's box.

  • Your commission will be 10% of each box purchased through your link or with your code.

    • There is a payout minimum of $10.

  • I do do payouts twice a month. Once on the 25th of the month (for commissions earned between the 8th and 20th) and once on the 10th of the month (for commissions earned between the 21st and 7th).

  • If you cancel your box your affiliate links and codes will be locked and your payout up to that date will be dispersed.

  • EX: You subscribe for the April Box before or on the 7th of April and are accepted as an affiliate. You receive the April Box around April 15th and post about it. You share the link and code on your stories. People then subscribe to the May box through your link. Your payout will arrive around April 25th for any subscriptions between April 8th and April 20th. People then continue to subscribe through your link if you have it available and can subscribe for the May box until May 7th. You then receive a payout around the 10th of May for anyone who subscribed between April 21st and May 7th.

Information your subscribers need to know:

  • They must subscribe before the 7th of the month to get the next box.

  • They will not be getting the same box that you are sharing.

  • Boxes ship once a month between the 10th and 12th.

  • You will get a coupon code to give to your followers for 10% off of their box. 

    • The discount stays on their box until they cancel so it’s an amazing deal.

Subscription Box Details:

All of the boxes are the same and include:

  • 6 naked cookies in our delicious Vanilla-Almond Flavor

  • Bagged royal icing

  • A QR Code to get to pictures of the finished product and a How-to-video where they decorate along with me

  • A bonus decorated Cookie Boss Logo cookie

  • Referral Card for a Friend


There is currently one add-on available that is a one-time purchase. It is the basic scribe (cookie decorating tool) and super super helpful to move your icing around and pop bubbles.

There are currently three ways to get a box:

  • Monthly - Guaranteed fun for your kids, date night, etc.

    • $30/month

    • Cancel anytime

  • 3 Months - 3 Months of boxes. Avoid the summer “Mom I’m bored” cycle.

    • $33/month for 3 months and automatic cancellation

  • One-Time Box - Great way to try it out. Equally great gift. No commitment!

    • $35

When it comes to what to say about the box I will include some talking points but one thing I always want to stress on my page is that being creative with your kids can be a huge stress. The planning takes forever, the prep and clean up is a mess, and baking with kids is hard because it takes patience. I just ask that when you share, share when you get it, share when you do it, share afterwards, and share why YOU love it and why other people should subscribe as well. 

Sharing suggestions:

  • Do a share when you get your box

  • Share what’s in the box

  • Share a photo or video during and after the decorating

  • A swipe up using your affiliate link is super beneficial and I would encourage it. Swipe ups make it easy for people so they are more likely to purchase.

Talking points:

  • Taking the time to be creative can be hard but it doesn’t have to be.

  • With this box it’s so easy to be the fun mom, you can’t say no.

  • Cookie decorating without the mess or the stress.

  • Be creative and be fulfilled. Be a better version of yourself when you channel your creativity.

  • The discount code you give them applies to every box until they cancel!

  • How excited you are to get your next box.

  • Tell them to follow Cookie Boss for sneak peeks and cookies and creativity!

  • Sign up by the 7th to get your box. They ship each month between the 10th-12th.

Address their objections:

  • “I don’t like to subscribe to things.” - The monthly box you can cancel anytime through your portal. There is also a one-time box.

  • “My kids are probably too young to decorate them like that.” - That’s the fun of it! The boxes are meant to channel creativity. You don’t have to follow along and I’ve had children of all ages decorate them.

Engagement Ideas:

  • Use a poll to have your followers vote for the best decorated cookie.

  • Film a timelapse of the decorating process even if it's crazy!

Thank you so much and let me know if you have any questions!